Independent casinos

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Independent Online Casinos For All Countries

There is an overall surge of people looking for independent casino sites. Online gambling is going through a lot these days. Due to the recent global events and their impact, eGambling is taking over the on-site casino happenings. The same goes for betting. Players are looking for efficient and favorable online sports betting options, and many operators stepped up to the challenge.

Still, the regulators noticed over the past year or so that things have changed. The rules get updated now and then, but the latest roll hit hard. UKGC forbids credit cards for gambling due to the increased number of active gamblers. Many online casinos and betting websites, along with their connected brands, complied with rules. Since many players face closed doors on their country or region's gambling websites, the need for other options emerged.

Overseas casinos haven't become popular due to coincidence. Ease of use, flexible regulation, and range of payment options due to the lenient laws are only the beginning. There is a possible chance to play at an independent casino for UK players as well. However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. To be realistic and objective, we will lay the less favorable details as well.

You will find a few tips on how to choose a reliable overseas casino. Some extra features make them stand out when compared to other casinos on the market to round it up.

What is an independent casino?

If a casino runs by using its own software, you can say it is an independent casino. In case it is not supported by or working under some bigger brand, it holds independent status. Usually, online casinos have so-called “sister sites”, or websites operating under a different name, but for the same owner/network/company. There is nothing schemy about it; it works just like sister companies in the business world. They usually hold licenses from island regulators, like MGA, GBGA, and Curacao eGaming licensed casinos. Moreover, this is the overall flexibility in regulation, which is not typical for big brands.

Additionally, you can expect improvements for some parts of the service and a lack of options for others. Still, the significant differences are concerning payment methods, verification procedures, and website design. We will lay out the good and not-so-good sides in a bit, but let's focus on the design for a moment. Most of the time, the websites will have a modern look, but they might still not be as well crafted as the UK or USA ones. The good part is that the better-equipped ones usually come with a mobile app.

Also, the game selection can surprise you. It goes both ways, just to make it clear right away. Either you can run into a lack of game providers or games in general, or you can run into a bunch. Bunch has a wide variety of game providers like Net Entertainment, game types, and new titles to try out. New casinos will also offer some cryptocurrency-oriented games, like Bitcoin slots. Hence, if this is your payment method of choice, you can easily find your lucky slot game here.

How is this different from the regular betting or gambling website?

Independent casino sites are going solo without being a part of a more extensive network, as we already explained. These casinos have more operating freedom, and therefore – more to offer in some spheres. You can expect higher limits and fewer or no fees for processing. They are very similar to EU casinos that accept UK players, if not the same in the setup sequence. The main difference concerns the license and the money processing rules and whether you need an account or not.

A great addition you can encounter while browsing for an independent casino is a no-account option. If your country allows it, you can use Pay N' Play option by Trustly or simply use cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most used one, but other available in new casinos, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. You can simply choose your game, set the amount, and play!

For those wondering if overseas casinos are safe, the answer is – as much as any other land-based or regular online casino. You can see if the website is fraudulent or not in more than one way. If you cannot recognize some game providers, use basic payment options, including credit cards and e-wallets, you should click away. Independent casino sites, even if they might lack final touches, usually have wealthy offers. Bonuses are generous, games are the latest in the industry, and there are many ways to deposit or withdraw your funds.

Good things

Upper limits are higher than in regulars. Since most new independent casino sites don't hold the UK license, few advantages come with it. The states of the regulatory bodies that issue their licenses sometimes have more flexible rules than the UK and USA. Therefore, they can allow the operators that hold their working permits to set higher limits. If you are a player who fancies staking more significant amounts, this will be amazing for you.

If you don't want to have an account, you can stay anonymous. Many casinos that operate on their own have a no-account offer as well. Moreover, there are options like Trustly and using cryptocurrencies. Using these options might depend on your country of residence. Trustly provides Pay N' Play feature that many casinos use to make playing easier for their players.

They are more flexible in more ways than expected. Moreover, you can expect frequent bonuses, extra discounts for using particular payment options, or games from new operators. Also, support is more dedicated, and it is usually more helpful. If you decide to become a regular in a casino like this, there can be more benefits because you won't be just a digit on a mega operator spreadsheet.

Demos are available. Most online UK casinos are not giving a free test out of their games without prior sign-up. Independent casino sites have a demo mode for the games available most of the time. Moreover, it is an excellent addition for newbies. You can see what fits you the best and then use funds for it.

Not so good things

GamStop won't work here. As you probably know, self-exclusion schemes like this one have no power on these websites. Since the websites are not under their regulative jurisdiction, UKGC or other entities cannot influence them. Also, the operators are liable by the law of the country in which the license is issued. Therefore, if you are registered on GamStop or similar self-preventing websites, we advise using only the websites allowed by their system.

Some payment options will not be available. As previously mentioned, the licensing regulator's laws determine whether something is allowed on the website or not. Therefore, you probably won't be able to use your PayPal or local money transfer. On the other hand, plenty of different payment options you can use are laying out on their websites. Therefore, this should cause much trouble.

Is it legal for UK and USA players to play in overseas casinos?

The law and regulation UK players are bound to are not as rigid as they might seem. There are few things to consider – the law regarding playing in the country and outside of it. Strictly speaking, you cannot use your credit card to gamble, but – you are allowed to gamble in a casino outside of your country.

Of course, there will be some corresponding taxes or verification steps, but nonetheless, you can sign up to an overseas casino and gamble freely. The downside of it is that you cannot use your credit card, as we previously said. Sure, many casinos are allowing it, but what counts is the law of your country of residence. Bank holds your records, and if you place your funds to the casino, no matter on which side of the world, from the credit card, they will now.

However, there is always a way to bypass this. Using other payment options can be a solution. As mentioned before, there is a handful of payment options that you can find on these websites. E-wallets and online processor options can vary depending on the casino's headquarters. You can use the ones which are the most used in your region.

Equally important, you can use your cryptocurrency assets. Some casinos encourage using crypto assets by giving out discounts. You might even run into a massive crypto Welcome bonus from time to time. Independent casino sites that are new on the market have Bitcoin options at least. If you are short of any crypto coins, many exchanges cooperate with casinos.

You can purchase it for playing purposes, with nominal exchange fees. They are, in this case, sometimes lower than in your local exchange office.

Possible additions to the standard offer only on independent casino sites

Many players looking for new online casinos want to try out other betting options. Independent casinos are famous for their tournaments and lotteries. Since operators have more freedom to offer whatever they can, you can expect fantastic prizes. Some of them even go as far as placing cars and moto bikes as rewards! Participation is easy, but it often has a wagering requirement. Apart from tangible options, you can also win free spins, multiplications, and cash prizes. Contests usually include the most played games in the casino.

On top of that, many new operators have a separate betting section. Few of them can lack a crazy number of options, but you can still try it out. It is refreshing that the majority feature virtual sports and e-sports options. You can follow the latest events for your favorite game in real-time and place bets along with it. Real-time betting for other events, like horse races, football, or cricket, is also an option. Better equipped operators have different bonus offers for bettors.

Provable Fairness Feature is an excellent addition for those who want to use Bitcoin for playing. It is a chance for anyone to verify if the casino is being fair enough to its players. It features math and algorithms, but casino often provides a formula by which you can make the check. Not many operators have these tutorials on display, but ones that do are probably better than others.

What to look for

Multiple payment options are always a good sign. Look for familiar brands. If you cannot name at least five options that you know something about, it is probably not good in the long run. Casinos with a positive reputation will do what it takes to provide as many payment options as possible. This is particularly true for significant payment brands, which are used by many clients worldwide. Most of the time, you will see at least Visa and Mastercard and Skrill and Netteler. Recently, Bitcoin is becoming accepted in the gambling industry. Still, it can be your preferred option of paying, but not the only one available if you are looking for a reliable, independent casino.

A license from a well-known gambling authority is a must. Other awards or certificates are welcome but not essential. As previously mentioned, operating permits mean that a trusted regulator ensures that the casino is fair and legal. Don't waste your time on websites where you cannot find license information. The legit casino keeps it accessible, as well as other trust guarantees. There are entities like eCogra which check casinos regularly. If a casino has its “seal,” it is among the most reputable ones.

A reputable casino should have many reviews. Whether good or bad, they are still opinions of actual users, at least most of the time. The user reviews are the best way to see if the website is any good or worth your time. Also, too many excellent reviews usually don't mean much. Look for the dirt, if there is any. It will give you clear indicators about what to look out for, even if the casino is just what you were looking for.

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