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Horse Racing and GG Tips

Horse racing is a big deal in the UK which is why there are so many players who enjoy not only the races but also betting on their favourite runners. And the big part of all that is getting the best horse racing tips gg that could help you out with setting your bets. There are quite a few tipsters to choose from and the one we’ll be reviewing today is GG Tips. GG Tips provides free tips service and covers everything there is to know about horse racing. So if you are a fan of horse racing and love betting, then GG Tips is the right place to dive in and find a great deal of information as well as services, all completely for free.

What Is GG Horse Racing Tips?

Just like it’s said on the GG Tips website, it is the place for all those who are into horse racing. The fact that they provide all kinds of information about horse racing including tips, makes GG Tips a full package for horse racing. If you want to read about horse racing news, any horse race in the UK and Ireland, or info about individual horses, and similar, then you can find all that info at GG Tips. It is all free and no registration on the website is needed.

Also, and most importantly, there are regular daily tips for every horse race in the UK and Ireland. They provide more than 8,000 selections per year so you can count on a great deal of tips every single day. And all this comes for free. Basically, GG Tips provides all there’s to know about horse racing including tips and alerts in a single place which makes it the best site for horse racing info and tips online.

What Can You Find At

On the GG tipster website, you will find several neatly arranged categories. There are results of all the horse races. You can simply choose the date you wish and find all the info about horse races that occurred on that particular day. In this category are included cards and results of the races, non-runners, runners, as well as a course guide section to every racecourse in the UK and Ireland with latest course news, fixtures, draw effect info and related news.

News and Blogs category is a great way to keep up with all the horse racing news. There are several subsections including headlines, tipster blogs where you can find info about the tips and races by their tipsters, as well as betting blogs and special features section covering information about best bets and similar. This category provides for pro-tipping advice, bookie odds, stats, and more.

Now, the Free Tips category is where you can find selections by their tipster for almost every race. The tips are free and divided into daily tips and top tips of the day. Finally, if you want to know when your favourite horse is running or in what races a certain jockey is included and similar. You can simply go to the Alert category, sign up for the GG Alert service, and get notified when about your chosen selections.

GG Tips – Free Daily Horse Racing Tips

For checking out the horse racing tips provided by GG Tips, go to the Free Tips category. Just like mentioned, there are sections for all tips for that particular day as well as top picks. In the former, you will find all tips of the day (for example, at the time of this writing there were 7 tips for Lingfield Park, 6 for Carlisle, and 6 for Campton Park Tips). Their selection of tips is compiled on a daily basis by their tipster and they also offer a top selection of horse racing tips in the Top Picks section. Tips – Fake or Real Tips?

Since there are a vast number of tips covered, one may think of how they compile all those tips daily. The speculations have been raised suggesting that GG Tips may be using some kind of computer software predicting the outcomes of the races. Considering the number of daily tips provided not only for the winners of the races but also for other places, etc., it is not odd why one would think that the tips are not provided manually.

But whatever the case, the tips are free and it is your choice whether you will follow the tips or not. All in all, the tips are there along with all the useful information as well as stats about the races, jockeys, horses, and similar. So GG Tip makes sure to present all information about horse racing relevant for betting strategies including past results so you will have a proper insight before making your own bet.