Football Betting Whilst On Gamstop

Football Betting

Football Betting

Disclaimer – The information provided at is for educational purpouses only. If you joined Gamstop due to gambling addiction, this information is provided so that you can self-exclude from gambling sites that do not use Gamstop. However if like many you were unlawfully added to Gamstop, and have no way out of your unlawful self-exclusion, then the following casinos may be an option for you.

Football Betting Sites Not On GamStop

Sports betting is highly popular among sports enthusiasts. Watching your favourite sports team in the action gets even more exciting when you make some bets along the way. But what gets in the way of sports betting in the UK is the UK Gambling CommissionF that is gradually restricting the players to enjoy their favourite sports more and more; from restricting bonuses and promotions to forcing all UK casinos and bookmakers to join the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. And this is where the question of whether you can get around GamStop arises.

Football is the undisputed king of sports betting and it has increased in its popularity due to the increasing amount of online betting. Literally hundreds of football matches are bet on every week around the world, and bookmakers offer a wide range of leagues from the UEFA Champions League to the National League. And we are here to answer the big non GamStop football betting questions.

Are There Any Football Betting Sites Not Blocked By GamStop?

Luckily, even though the UKGC has forced all UK gambling sites to join GamStop programme, there is still an easy way to get around GamStop self-exclusion scheme and enjoy some fun football betting. And the key to doing this is finding non GamStop gambling sites. These are international online casinos or betting sites that are not licensed by the UKGC and therefore, are not obliged to join GamStop scheme.

How To Find Non GamStop Football Betting Sites?

There are plenty of offshore gambling sites not on GamStop just like there are plenty of UK-based online gambling sites. And sometimes, it may be a bit hard to find the best one or the one that will suit your needs. If you are looking for a good football betting site, you may spend a while on the web in the pursuit of the best one. Luckily, here, we have prepared all the best football betting sites not on GamStop that will suit all your sports betting needs. So, look no further as you are in the right place.

Non GamStop Football Betting – What Can You Bet On?

Since football is one of the most popular sports across the world, you can expect betting not only on the small leagues but major international leagues and tournaments as well. The majority of non GamStop betting sites will allow you to bet on big football leagues such as Champions League whose games are the most watched and bet on events among all, then European League, German Bundesliga, Premier League, as well as Spanish, Italian or French Leagues, for example.

Of course, major events, such as the European Championship or the World Cup as the biggest football event attracting millions of football fans and punters all over the world, are also available. All in all, non GamStop football betting sites offer plenty of betting opportunities. You can enjoy betting on football events across Europe as well as across the world.

Are Football Sites Not on GamStop Safe to Join?

The safety of an online gambling site depends solely on its license. If you register at online gambling site that is licensed, then it is completely safe. Here at our site, you will find only trustworthy online casinos and betting sites not on GamStop.

And what are other licenses apart from the UKGC? Well, there are quite a few regulatory bodies for international online casinos and betting sites. Some of the most common ones that you will find are the Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, or Curacao E-Gaming Licensing Authority, for example. These are all gambling authorities that make sure that all the online gambling sites under their license comply to all the laws and regulations. This is why you can rest sure that non GamStop football betting sites or any other non GamStop gambling site licensed by any of these or other regulatory bodies are safe to join and play at.

The Advantages of International Betting Sites

You may think that international online betting sites cannot be any better than the UK-based gambling sites. But actually, there might be a few things that would make offshore betting sites slightly better than the UK ones. First of all, since non GamStop gambling sites are not licensed by the UKGC, they are not forced to follow their strict rules.

We all know that the online casinos and all gambling sites in the UK are forced to ‘tone down’ the signup bonuses and promotions as those are deemed as too lucrative. But international betting sites can make up their bonuses and promotions without any limits. This is why you can find plenty of lucrative and rich signup bonuses for both sports betting and casino. These range from free bets, free spins, cash bonuses no deposit or deposit to match up bonuses, for example.

Football Betting Sites and Casino All In One

More often than not, non GamStop gambling sites will offer other entertainment along with football and sportsbetting. So, while you’re waiting for the matches to finish you can always enjoy some good old online casino games not on GamStop. The majority of gambling sites offer casino sections where you can enjoy playing slot machines as well as classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack, or baccarat, poker, and other card games. Some will also offer other gambling entertainment such as bingo games and lottery.

Football Betting Not on GamStop Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are there any football betting sites not on GamStop?

    Yes, there are and these are international betting sites not licensed by the UKGC which means that they are not forced to join the GamStop programme.

  • Can I bet on major leagues at non GamStop sites?

    The majority of non GamStop football betting sites offer all the major leagues such as Champions League, European League, Premier League, Bundesliga, as well as European Championship and World Cup.

  • Are non GamStop betting sites safe to join?

    Yes, international betting sites are completely safe as long as they hold licenses by the regulatory bodies such as Malta, Curacao, Cyprus, or Gibraltar, for example.

  • How to get around GamStop self-exclusion scheme?

    You can get around GamStop self-exclusion by registering at gambling sites or online casinos not on GamStop, that is, international gambling sites not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.