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EU casinos that accept UK players

UKGC got punters looking for EU casinos that accept UK players increasingly over the last year or so. The rope has tightened since the credit card ban for UK players. Hence, it didn't sit well with many bettors, and European casinos look like an obvious choice. Apart from geolocation, many reasons are leading to Europe when it comes to gambling. Regulative works in a similar way as the one in the UK; it has top-notch security, yet a bit favorable conditions. Of course, the latter ones can vary from country to country.

In general terms, EU casinos offer the best security/regulation and player satisfaction balance compared to the UK market. Online gambling is experiencing rapid expansion due to the pandemic. New operators are racing to put on the best offers as soon as possible. Therefore, you will face countless flashy offers and large bonuses. Before placing all your funds to one of them, look around the Web. Well-established EU casinos are improving their services and working on rebranding. That being said, you can find some new features, events, or even play with an account.

There will be some info on how EU gambling regulative works and how that affects the players. Moreover, we will give you few reasons for and against European casinos. Last but not least, you will get some quick advice on how to pick the best one. In the generous offer, it is essential to know how to narrow your possible choices. European casino is too broad of a term to be put in few words. We will lay out only the needed background just so you can know where you stand.

How are EU casinos different from others?

Europe is the dominant region when it comes to online gambling. Additionally, since gambling is openly discussed compared to others, Europe has more comprehensive laws. However, it doesn't mean that they are less detailed or lenient more than necessary. Experience-driven legislation created high standards and an admirable reputation. Moreover, since it is in the same league as USA gambling, it would be good to know the difference between USA and EU casinos.

The legal age for gambling is the first difference. This is not strictly a European thing – the legal age in the EU is 18 years. On the other hand, the USA is different on the federal and individual state levels. Therefore, the year limit in one country can be 18, but in another 21. As confusing as it is for the driving license, USA jurisdiction is diverse in this area.

House edge is also different in Europe than it is in the States. American casinos are known for high house gain on each wager. It is not something that you can notice on one bet. Once you choose your casino, the more you play at it, the more you will be aware of it. On the other hand, European casinos may have more rigid laws, but the percentage the house takes is lower than in the US. There are live casino games that are more of interest than others. Still, USA high house edge stands for any game you choose – from slots to the lottery.

Gambling and betting in Europe – who regulates it?

The leading authority in charge of it is the European Betting and Gaming Association (EBGA). Their policies are as detailed and, in some terms, as strict as UKGC's. Also, you have probably heard of Swedish gambling authority Spelinspektionen, which enjoys a similar reputation. Apart from that, each country in the EU has different policies and laws for this industry.

The severity of it and player convenience can vary from relatively liberal like in Italy to confining and rigid as in Poland. With that being said, you can expect a certain level of safety in these casinos which comes from the long history in the business. The countries have considered and reconsidered their laws time after time. Therefore, the offer is among the best in the world, if not the best.

Although the UK is leading when it comes to wagering, the EU is not staying far behind. Therefore, EU casinos that accept UK players should and can live up to UK standards when it comes to gambling. We are mentioning UK as a reference since UKGC is an uncrowned king of gambling regulators. Although many entities monitor gambling affairs globally, it is the most discussed one. Moreover, the reason for it is that it has the best balance between security, regulatory limits, macroeconomics, and players' pleasure or preferences.

Good Points About EU Online Casinos

English is a dominant language for websites and support. Even though online casinos all over Europe stand proudly in their native languages, at least 90% have an English version. More reputable websites have multiple languages available, and their standard presentation is in English. On top of that, support available via Live Chat usually solves issues using lingua franca. For UK players, a European casino like this can quickly solve any dispute or help you out when you need it.

Numerous payment options are another advantage of EU casinos. Since the financial institutions and regulators have formed excellent cooperation over the years in this region, European operators can offer more payment options.

No-account options are always a good solution. The best way to actually enjoy your stay on the website is not to bother with it. The player who uses Trustly or cryptocurrencies can genuinely enjoy this game-only experience. Trustly made a solution named Pay N' Play. You can use it if you don't want to store your personal info at your casino's account. Moreover, Bitcoin as a payment option has many benefits, and not needing a budget is one of them.

Security is on a higher level than it is in other parts of the world. As already explained, European gambling laws are as strict as for other areas. Their top-notch quality is based on checks, verifications, and dispute solving. If you ever have to solve an issue with the operator, you will be lucky to be a European one. The entities that solve disputes have an excellent legal background, and you can actually win the argument.

Drawbacks Of EU Licenced Casinos

Currency dominance or coverage may vary from casino to casino. Euro is predominant in most of them, and the dollar is quickly following. Other currencies like the British pound, Canadian or Australian dollar may not be listed as options. New operators tend to add cryptocurrencies as a possibility to make up for the lack of other FIAT ones available. Still, well-established EU casinos that accept UK players usually have pounds, along with other popular currencies.

UK self-exclusion is not affecting EU casinos. In case you are using GamStop, it can be an issue. Your search might avert in another direction. Before signing up, please check whether the betting site is on GamStop or not. Depending on your status, it can narrow down your looking. There are also EU casinos that are not listed on GamStop, for those not registered.

How to find an excellent European casino accepting UK players?

Look for the Welcome packages. EU casinos have excellent cooperation with financial guys to use many payment options on their websites. With that in mind, their welcome offers might be better than others. Many of them include unique benefits for UK players and might have pounds as a currency option. Bonuses and promotions might have different staking conditions, so make sure to check them before forging ahead.

See if the casino has a no-account option and a mobile app. No account feature is optional, but a website with good performances should be a must. It has to be responsive and adapt to all devices. A mobile app can be an excellent addition. Moreover, it is a sign that the casino is taking its players seriously. Operators that adjust their offer to customers' demands are looking to build a brand in the long term. In other words, they will do as much as they can to improve your experience and preserve their reputation.

Check the payment options and T&C. This sounds so obvious, but many websites hide tiny letters tangled up on their T&C pages. EU casinos that accept UK players don't have such tendencies often, but still. Websites come up every day, so don't be surprised if you run into some shady stuff. Take your time, read carefully, check the games and the bonuses.

Browse the game catalog and software providers available. Reputable casinos will have stacked slot offers, with many providers to choose from. Don't let new names scare you off – on the contrary. You can find games that you adore and try out new ones. For instance, Bitcoin slots are emerging all over the market. Maybe some of them will be your next honey pot.

Alternatives To European Based Online Casinos

If, for some reason, you are unable to find an EU casino that fits your needs, no worries. Casinos holding international licenses can operate in Europe as well. The issuers are from different parts of the world, so you can have a good overview of your options.

MaltaMalta Gambling Authority is among the most renowned island license issuers. Despite not being a part of a significant organization, this regulator has gained an excellent reputation over the years. Casinos under their permit need to go through detailed checks to work with clients. The MGA allows decent deposit/withdrawal limits, and operators can work with game makers worldwide.

Gibraltar – GBGA is famous for its gambling regulation. UK players who pick a GBGA casino will not be disappointed. Lavish bonuses and excellent poker games are a standard in their casinos. The regulator is following the latest trends, and operators need to keep up. You will recognize Gibraltar licensed online casino right away. They have a vibrant design and have a mobile app ready for new players.

CuracaoCuracao eGaming licensees, have become more popular over the years for UK punters. They were among the first to allow cryptocurrency use in the casinos under their regulation. For this reason, their operators have the best crypto welcome bonuses on the market. You can even get a multiplication if you use a specific payment method.

You can always check if your casino is working internationally by looking up the license. The license info is easy to find on the casino's website. If there is no license after a detailed check – steer clear of that website!

EU casinos that accept UK players – what to look for

Permits, awards, and third-party approvals can tell you a lot. The operating license is a starting point, but it is not the only thing to check. It may tell you a lot about the casino since the active certificates have (or not) merit along with it. Moreover, companies like eCogra, for example, are adding up to that merit even more. If a casino has that or some similar well-known confirmation of quality, safety, or customer support, it should have an advantage, among others.

UK players can have an advantage or unique benefits. Many online casinos have special offers just for British punters. You can recognize it by promotions that have pounds as the main currency. Likewise, some gambling houses go as far as giving out exclusive welcome packages with additional gifts to players from the UK. You can receive not only free spins or better staking options. New international casinos give out crazy multiplications right from the start.

Go around the block a few times. Check what the Web has to offer. Even if the casino isn't holding a European country license, it can be classified as such. For example, casinos working under Curacao eGaming and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license are under the international umbrella. Therefore, you and players worldwide can play at these casinos.

Moreover, check if the casino has a demo mode for its casino games. If it does, make sure to try it out, even if you know the game. Test the performances as much as you can before the signup.

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