Curacao Licensed Casinos

Curacao Licensed Casinos

Curacao Licensed Casinos

Get To Know All About Curacao Licensed Casinos

If you are playing for some time, you have probably heard of Curacao casinos. Although there are few excellent land-based casinos on this island, we will focus on the online versions. In the search for your new virtual gambling house, Curacao has to be on the list. Even though it is a small country, it stands strong as a gambling regulator since ’90. Moreover, casinos holding their license have excellent offers and a bit stretched boundaries. It is a place attracting business with a favorable tax policy. On top of that, operators can get the license easier compared to other regulators.

Besides, you can expect great bonuses and new games frequently. Bettors enjoy higher withdrawal limits and a long list of available payment options. Most of all, there are many new online casinos allowing cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has its place on the banking options list for most of the Curacao licensed casinos. Moreover, great lotteries, tournaments, and similar events are generous in prizes. Events like these are a treat that you shouldn’t miss. Read on and find out what you should look for and pay attention to when picking your online casino.

The Curacao License Basic Info

Curacao-based casinos are as famous as the ones from Gibraltar or Malta. This islanding country is welcoming tourists and bettors from all around the world for decades. Casinos usually offer slot machines and table games, including roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Land-based casinos on the island are a perfect getaway for tourists. Locals are friendly and welcoming.

On top of that, most of them are polyglots – they speak four languages! The low tax rate makes everything affordable and enticing for the newcomers. Caribean sea, excellent booze, and fantastic stacking rates – nothing more to want from a gambling paradise. Now that we have covered the postcard image part let’s get down to the business.

Taxes, or their lack of, as mentioned above, makes business flourish on the island. Many foreign investors make Curacao their main base since the gambling operators’ tax can be as low as 3% on revenue. Also, their administrative system is relatively straightforward. Besides, obtaining a license is quick, effective, and beneficial for each side here. Just to be precise – it doesn’t mean that the regulation has holes or unsafe. Quite the opposite – they rely on simplicity to keep things easy to check and act upon. Their licensing system has a three-layer structure, where you cannot go wrong with anything. It is clear who is liable for what, and therefore the operators have no trouble getting the working permits.

Curacao As A Gambling Authority

Being long on the market is not easy, and Curacao as authority had its ups and downs. Still, it remains among the highest-ranked gambling entities worldwide. It stands along with the top ten license issuers, and it is overly famous among the operators and the players. Their license model is pretty straightforward, which is one of the many advantages of Curacao casinos. Curacao is known for not meddling in the operator-player interaction more than needed.

Nonetheless, the jurisdiction includes Anti Money Laundering policies now, and the standards are much higher than before. The regulation bodies on the island are improving their policies to comply with European laws. Operating license includes and respects relevant international laws, and these improvements have the goal to attract European and American players. To sum up, the Curacao legislation in this field has the plan to remain as flexible as possible and improve safety and transparency on the market.

With that being said, gambling in Curacao licensed casinos has never been safer. Player worldwide recognize the quality of their service, and this is the reason for rising popularity. New online casinos are making strenuous efforts to prove themselves on the market. They also have to adapt to the safety measures and respect the new laws that protect them more than before.

Licensing and regulation

What is great about their system is that you don’t have to bother about licensing hierarchy. Four significant entities can issue an operating certificate to an operator. Curacao’s Ministry of Jurisdiction set a law where there are no other entities who make permits for this purpose, and the Master license holders respond to the Ministry directly. Therefore, there are Master licenses and regular ones. Nothing else to confuse clients or casino owners. New casinos work under one of the Master operating licenses. Curacao eGaming, Antillephone NV, Curacao Interactive Licensing NV, and Gaming Curacao are the sub-permit issuers. Casinos with Curacao licenses are considered international since they accept players from all corners of the world.

Of course, the operator can decide whether he wants to allow players from certain countries or not. Sometimes there are conflicts in regulations that can get your and the casino’s funds stuck in the process. Hence, Aussie and Swedish players can have such troubles with specific payment options. For this reason, it is good to do research on your local laws beforehand.

Features of Curacao casinos

To begin with, they accept players from all around the world. Online casinos with Curacao licenses are under the jurisdiction of the island authorities, as previously explained. Therefore, limitations that are usually troubling operators are not an issue here. Still, you will have to consider your local laws before signing up. A casino may be allowing the use of specific banking methods, but your deposit and withdrawal depend on your current legal stance. In other words, see if you can use your credit card for gambling or you need to consider other options.

Besides, Curacao licensed casinos offer a convenient alternative to avoid these bumps on the road. They have been among the first to add the possibility of using Bitcoin for playing casino games. Likewise, you can find various cryptocurrencies available, including both coins and tokens. If you see CoinPayments or similar names on the banking list, you can be sure that there will be more choices apart from Bitcoin.

No Account Casinos No Hassle With Documents

Some of them can be no-account casinos. Moreover, this means that you can use cryptocurrencies or process your funds via Trustly and just play. Simple, easy, and fun! These casinos are just surging on the market since more players are looking to avoid a tedious registration process. Pay N’ Play solution is an excellent thing for recreative gamblers who play from time to time.

New game titles and new game makers are frequent in Curacao casinos. Apart from the famous gambling software creators, they often give a chance to the new names. You can expect many options, that is for sure. Most popular game providers are Betsoft, Microgaming, IGTech, but also Yggdrasil Gaming, RTG and SwissSoft.

Curacao licensed casinos do not come with Gamstop self-exclusion software. To some searching for non Gamstop casinos this may be beneficial, to others not so beneficial. All Curacao licensed casinos have their own independent self-exclusion programs. To self-exclude from such a casino one must contact support to exclude yourself from their casino.

Downsides of playing in Curacao licensed casino

Solving disputes can be difficult. Although Curacao’s authorities have done a lot during recent years in adjusting their laws to the European ones, there are still some instances missing. Since flexible rules are why many operators and players choose Curacao for wagering, it is difficult to give up. Therefore, resolving disputes can be challenging since there are no laws like in Europe or the USA that hold operators and clients liable for specific actions.

Having a license is not enough. We have described that it is relatively easy to obtain the permit. Therefore, you will need to do a bit more research before jumping into the game if you ask us. Reviews are your best indicator at the moment. If an operator is making some lousy moves and awfully treating its customers, you will find it on the Web. The clients and players will drag it through the virtual mud before it happens again.

Can UK players register and play here?

By any means – yes. The UK laws allow gambling outside the country. Still, you would have to consider taxes, fees, or validation processes for depositing and withdrawing the money. Also, UKGC has a bit better reputation and safety installments compared to other gambling authorities. Rules which it imposes may be harsh, but they are as safe as they can be. The thing is – you cannot use your credit card in a UKGC licensed casino.

On the other hand, if you wish for more maneuvering room and flexibility, Curacao casinos are still regulated yet safe. Most of them allow credit cards, e-wallets, and a handful of other banking options. Depending on your preference, you can choose the one that fits you most. Since cryptocurrencies are still in the grey area in most countries, it is an easy choice. No fees are included, at least from the casino’s side. Exchanges might charge something symbolic, but you can read all about it once you decide to use it. The point here is that there is a way to play in a Curacao casino for UK players.

Quick tips For Playing At Curacao Licensed Casinos

There will be tons of online casinos to choose from. Still, there is a way to distinguish which ones are worth your time and which are not. First – license is not everything. Look for any other signs of the casino’s presence on the market. There has to be at least one website that has its advertisement or a review about it. If the casino is noticed in the industry, people will talk. No one is saying that the word on the Web will be good or bad.

Low wagering requirements are always welcome. Most of the casinos have staking conditions for bonuses and promotions. Read the offer carefully since the operator needs to put constraints on the website. Sometimes it is a dropdown; sometimes, you have to go to the Promo page to find the catch (if there is one). Reputable casinos will not joke around and use the tiny font.

Bonuses are a standard part of the offer, but you have to look through the sea of them to find the right one. You can narrow down your search in an easy way. First, choose the game you want to play. Poker, slot games, lottery – whatever you are good at. Then, once you got that, choose a payment method. Put those two together and look it up. You can also add the country of preference to the search mix. We are sure you will get better results than you would if you just looked for casino bonuses.

Picking the best casino with a Curacao license

Choose your preferred payment method first. It will help you to avoid many contradictions, back-and-forths’ and arguing with support. Whichever is good for you, look by that. Some casinos have options that you are looking for, but some offer even better alternatives. Moreover, if you do your research right, you can find the easiest (and the cheapest) way to play.

Head to the game catalog after. Usually, these casinos will opt-out to go all-out for one game type in particular. Most of the time, Curacao casinos will offer excellent lists of slots or table games like poker. You will see whether the website is for you or not straight away for those of you who prefer it. Also, don’t miss the events that are frequent in these casinos. Lavish rewards get shared regularly, and if you are any good at the game set for the prize, give it a go!

Try Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as an alternative. You will need a wallet and a trustworthy exchange for those who don’t have experience with it. Many gambling-related articles and tutorials on the Web are explaining how to find it. Focus on your convenience and choose the services which you find the best. Once you get that settled, it’s time to pick a casino. Look for the ones that have tutorials and good support. Most of them will point out that you can rely on them if you need help using Bitcoin in the casino. Also, the best ones out there have Provable Fairness formulas, which you can use. It is a way to prove whether the house is fair and has enough randomness in its games.